Mythos, Logos, and the Metaphysical

I have recently dived into Karen Armstrong’s book, “The Battle for God,” in order to better objectively understand my religious roots. For those who don’t know, I was raised as a fundamentalist Christian, mainly in the Assemblies of God denomination. From what I can tell so far in her book, the thing that sets fundamentalists (of all/most religions, not just Christianity) apart is mistaking mythos for logos. I’ll admit, that kind of shocked me, but it makes sense. Before I go any further, it’s important that we understand just what logos and mythos are.

I’m a Spiritual Atheist, and why it’s not a big deal

Being spiritual and being atheistic are not mutually exclusive. They address different things. There’s a range of atheism, and there are religions that are functionally atheistic. There are even atheistic versions of traditionally theistic religions, such as Christianity. So what does atheistic mean? There are two parts to the word: “a,” which is a negative …

The Matter of Faith and Hope

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the topics of faith and hope. I really believe that the majority of people misunderstand what faith actually is. When I hear someone say “just have faith,” I’m fairly certain they mean hope. The thing is that faith is not merely something that you “have”. …

Spiritual, not Religious

There’s a trend that’s been going on for some time now, and I’m sure it’s still picking up pace, for people to identify as being spiritual, just not religious. It’s as if there’s a distaste at the notion of being religious. And if there is indeed that distaste (I’ve experienced it myself), that speaks an unfortunate volume on the state of religion.

I feel as if that distaste is largely due religion’s death. I don’t mean that it’s dying in the same sense as becoming mythology. I mean that it lost touch with it’s heart, spirituality. Without spirituality, religion becomes little more than a dry husk.