As I already identified in my previous post, religion and spirituality are two separate entities. Spirituality is by far the more important, but religion should not be ignored or brushed off either.

I believe that religion largely acts as a marker for cultural identity. Another function is to also perhaps shape the virtues that develop from following said religion’s spiritual path. These virtues partially determine what is attracted towards our soul in the spiritual realm. Perhaps more on that for another time though.

As I was saying, a quest for divine communion is inherent in every culture. Out of that springs religion. Many people are unfortunately blind to this however, and see religion as being separate from culture. However, the cultural foundation for religion is exactly why religions should stop being exclusive towards others. Now, some religions claim that they are the only true way, and it’s benign to teach that…to an extent. There’s a fine line between pushing a method, and pushing a culture. And when you bash other religions, you’re also bashing that part of their cultures. This offends potential converts!

I’d say a better idea would instead be as inclusive as your religion allows (and if you don’t like how restrictive your religion is, then consider changing it). Check out how Christianity can be inclusive here. Some other inclusive religions are Baha’i, Unitarian Universalism, or even (my own religion) Jediism.

In the end, there are many religions, and many branches of each of those religions. I encourage exploration, and even more so, tolerance. The exclusive attitude is off-putting, and you’ll only end up hurting your religion’s reputation! Through whichever religion you decide to commit to, always try to find the spiritual center. If you can’t, that’s another sign you should ditch it. And like I said before, religion is optional. Spirituality is what matters, religion simply helps as a guide. Anyway, safe travels!

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